Wall-mounted Spinning Signs
500mm, 1000mm and 2000mm
wind-powered spinning signs

unique, outdoor, wind-driven spinning signs

The Warp Five Wall Mounted Spinning Signs

The Warpfive Wall or Pole Mounted Windvane is an extension of our highly successful Warpfive Rotating Windvane. This sign has all the benefits of the pavement rotating sign namely the greatly improved visibility as it rotates and displays the brand or message prominently. Available in three different sizes, this product caters for shop fronts and buildings who wish to grab attention away from their competitors with unique and attractive rotating signage..

Why spinning signs are superior to the swing sign

  • Greatly improved visibility - spins in the wind
  • Good durability
  • Installed out of vandal reach
  • Increased sales
  • Strong branding
  • Cost effective exposure

Spinning Sign Design

  • Aerodynamically designed to rotate at exceptionally low wind speeds and maintain low revolutions at high wind speeds.
  • Manufactured to European quality standards.
  • All corners are radiused to provide an aesthetically pleasing product and to avoid injury or damage to property.

The rotating section is of composite construction with injection molded ABS trim. This provides an exceptionally strong, light product, which has an extended lifespan and is rust free. All brackets are manufactured from steel which is powder-coated for rust protection and protection against harmful UV rays.

This video shows our Rotating Sign undergoing wind tunnel testing at 60kph. This represents gale force conditions!!

This video shows the Warpfive Spinning Sign undergoing wind tunnel testing alongside a competitive rotating sign with a basic aerodynamic shape.  The video clearly shows that our Spinning sign starts up quickly, but most importantly spins approximately 40% slower than a rotating sign using basic aerodynamic shapes. Basic aerodynamic shapes as utilised by steel spinning signs, spin far too quickly and are potentially dangerous to pedestrians.

500mm Wall or pole mounted Rotating Sign

Small, attractive and cost effective, this unit is easy to brand and install. Just apply vinyl to the ABS shell as per the vinyl application guide found lower on this page and you're ready to install.

This unit comes with two mounting options: the wall mount option and a pole mount bracket. The pole mount bracket includes a unique tensioning device which enables you install the unit quickly, easily with the perfect ammount of tension required to keep the unit stable.


Overall size: 592mm(height) x 512mm(width)
Rotating Section 500mm(height) x 515mm(width) x 80mm(depth)
Bracket: 415mm (length)
Standard Colours Red, White, Blue, Black, Yellow
On orders of 300x and more we are able to customise to almost any Pantone colour
product product product

1000mm Wall mounted Rotating Sign

This unit comprises of a one metre high rotating unit and a structurally secure bracket which attaches to both the top and bottom of the rotating section. Multiple bearings and a continuous central aluminium shaft are used for smooth operation and good longevity.

Graphics are printed or applied to ABS.


Overall size: 1242mm(height) x 512mm(width)
Rotating Section 1000mm(height) x 515mm(width) x 80mm(depth)
Bracket: 1242mm (length)
Standard Colours Red, White, Blue, Black, Yellow
On orders of 300x and more we are able to customise to almost any Pantone colour

2000mm Wall mounted Rotating Sign

This highly visible large format rotating sign comprises of a two metre rotating section mounted on a bracket system made from structural steel. A central aluminium shaft, specially extruded aluminium side strips and an aluminium outer shell makes for an extremely strong unit able to withstand most high wind conditions.

Six factory lubricated bearings are used to ensure smooth operation and an additional braking system can be purchased to reduced the spinning speed or stop the unit during storms and gales.


Overall size: 2218mm(height) x 512mm(width)
Rotating Section 2000mm(height) x 515mm(width) x 80mm(depth)
Bracket: 2218mm (length)
Standard Colours Red, White, Blue, Black, Yellow
On orders of 300x and more we are able to customise to almost any Pantone colour

Vinyl Application Guide

Step 1

Blank Windvane's are supplied assembled with colour coded side strips and top and bottom capping strips.

Start by dissasembling the windvane by removing the 6 screws which hold the trim in place


Step 2

Apply your vinyl to the blank windvane. It is a good idea to use a larger piece of vinyl than the size of the windvane which will allow you to position the vinyl more easily and then trim off the excess.


Step 3

Re-attach the side strips and capping strips by placing them back in place and fixing with the screws provided.



You have sucessfully applied artwork to your new Windvane!


Dimensions and specifications of the spinning sign:

Longevity 1 to 5 years
Mass of rotating section 1.8kg (500mm), 2.0kg(1000mm), 7kg(2000mm)
Dimensions: Rotating section, 500mm Sign 500mm(height) x 515mm(width) x 80mm(depth)
Dimensions: Rotating section, 1000mm Sign 1000mm(height) x 515mm(width) x 80mm(depth)
Dimensions: Rotating section, 2000mm Sign 2000mm(height) x 515mm(width) x 80mm(depth)
Maintenance None - bearings factory lubricated
Max. Wind Speed Wind tunnel tested to 34mph/60km/h
Temperature range -25° C to 40° C
UV Protection All plastics / coatings UV inhibited
Rust Protection All steelwork Electro-galvanised / Powder coated
Method of printing Silkscreen / Digital

Ordering Information

Windvane Printing and Finishing

Signage companies and resellers normally apply computer cut or digitally printed vinyl directly to the substrate. For larger volumes Warpfive can provide finished units, with the graphics silk-screened directly onto the substrate.


Minimum order quantity: 1x unit

Lead time: 5 - 10 working days


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