Sidewalk Flags
Fluttering Sidewalk Sign with replaceable graphics

eye-catching outdoor
wind-powered point-of-purchase


The Warp Five Sidewalk Flag is a new internationally patented wind-driven advertising device. Sidewalk Flags are utilised outside shops, on pavements and service station forecourts.

The Sidewalk Flag can be used either in isolation or in groups of two or more. It is designed to utilise a variety of substrates such as ABS or die-sublimated material. This makes the Wing Flag highly versatile enabling the user to have a different image on each side as well as making diecut shapes feasible.

The Wing Flag image can be removed and replaced with new graphics as desired making it extremely useful with promotions that change regularly.

The Warp Five Wing Flag offers:

  • Strong branding and the ability to diecut creative shapes
  • Ability to change graphics on site
  • Promotional flexibility
  • Permanent presence
  • Cost effective exposure

Dimensions and specifications of wing flag sign:

Longevity Between 1 and 3 years
Mass of spike 850g
Mass of base 3.5 kg (excl. water)
Mass of support pole 700g
Wing Flag Dimensions 1m=1000mm x 420mm
1.25m=1250mm x 420mm
1.5m=1500mm x 380mm
2.5m=2400mm x 500mmd
Mass of rotating sections 1m = 2085g
1.25m = 900g
1.5m = 1080g
2.5m =- 1800g
Maintenance None - bearings are factory lubricated
Temperature Range --25 °C to +40°C
Ultra violet protection Printed section - UV stabilised link
Powder Coating - UV resistant
Rust Protection Steel ware - electroplated
Method of printing Silkscreen, digital, die-sublimation
Manufacturing lead time Qty:1000 = 5 weeks
Qty:2000 = 6 weeks
Product Code : -
Substrate Size Base Product Code
ABS 1m - thick extrusion
1.25m - thin extrusion
1.5m - thin extrusion
Water-filled rota cast base or spike WFWF1
WFWF 1.25
WFWF 1.5
2.5 m - thin extrusion Water-filled rota cast (internal use) or spike (external use) WFWF2.5

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Product Sidewalk Flag
Overall height 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm
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